Massage Therapy School- Workout a New Career Path

Massage therapy schools offer one of the very popular vocational courses; and open up a well-paid career in healthcare. Use of massage to ease a large number of ailments and pains of the body, has been systematized and considerable scientific theory has been adapted to the therapy. Now days, a trained therapist can handle a variety of conditions such as degenerative disc disease, flat feet, Rheumatoid Arthritis, accident injuries; and may even ease Parkinson’s Disease or Osteoarthritis.

As such, a person who undergoes a course at any recognized massage therapy school; and gets certified by the state board can find a niche employment quickly.

Course Profile:

Massage therapy schools offer courses that require training for over 600 hours; including specialization or the state, the study duration may touch 800 hours. The courses are fast-paced and can be taken either as part-time or full-time program. All most every part of the world has its own ‘pet’ kind of massage therapy. Thai massage, hydrotherapy, Indian Ayurvedic massage techniques, Chinese variants are some of the popular systems practiced in the States. Usually, the curriculum at a Massage school focuses on one or two systems.

Going forward, you can choose from over 80 modalities (techniques) and healing options. More the number of techniques you learn more will be the types of ailments that you can heal. Find out the techniques offered by the massage therapist school.


The tuition and other costs will depend on the therapy system, facilities, and number of techniques you opt for and of course, the reputation of the massage therapy school.

Caution Flag:

As with most good things in life, more than a little caution is necessary while choosing a massage therapy school, for two reasons. The therapy offers a quicker entry into the employed world. According to Labor bureau statistics, over 145,000 massage therapists would be required by 2018; this could be a conservative estimate, because, massage as a therapy is fast recovering its due recognition. On the other hand, the curriculum and massage schools are not yet regulated as rigorously as some other courses.

The increasing demand and easy regulation have led to a few self-styled massage therapy institutes. The irony is that these may even charge higher tuition than a real good one. Before joining a massage therapist school, check whether you will be eligible to receive the necessary license after completing the course there.

Info Guides:

There are nearly 1500 massage therapy schools in the States. To find the massage therapy system offered, the number of techniques taught and the facilities available at these schools, websites dedicated to massage schools would be a starting point. Choice will naturally depend on your final goal; are you intending to be a sports-therapist, specialize in helping pregnant women; you would like to work at seniors’ home or teach massage therapy at a school.

Massage therapy school can be a gateway to a satisfying career, find the right one.


Massage Therapy : one of the fastest Growing Careers

Massage therapy is leading to rewarding careers at spas, and facilities offering alternative medicine. Of course, self-employment Avenue is the best of all avenues, with attractive earning potential.  At the top of the scale, an experienced massage therapy practitioner can earn nearly $1200 for a 40-hour week (that is department of labor average for the entire nation; and may vary from place to place.)

The demand for certified massage therapists is growing as more and more people are re-discovering the healing properties of massage therapy. While senior citizens and people suffering from painful ailments choose massage therapy as a healing aid; executives in stressful jobs, homemakers wearied by the household chores opt for relaxation.

Since, the therapy involves different types of clientele; over 38 states have made formal training and obtaining a license mandatory for massage therapists. There are over 1,500 schools offering courses in massage therapy. It is essential that you join a school accredited by the state board (some states allow certification by independent agencies 😉 this will ensure that you can take the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) exam. Massage therapy schools provide a fairly scientific and an exciting course, where you learn anatomy, study muscles and basic methods to relieve of painful ailments.

There are more than 250 types of massage and each of them has a specific purpose; you may train for working with sportspersons, disabled or senior people or children. Some of the courses may train you in handling insurance paper work at a chiropractor’s office.

There are informative websites on the net; you can get more than a basic idea about the prospects, fee and more importantly placement capabilities of the massage therapy schools.

Massage Therapist School : Knead Your Career the Right Way

Massage therapist school is a stepping-stone to a bright career in the health industry. U.S Department of labor has projected that about 24,000 new massage therapists would join the ranks by 2016; and that the 20% increase in opportunity is the fastest compared to any other occupation.

As alternative medicine and holistic healing are catching on, the field is wide open for people graduating out of a massage therapist school. It is a career that pays between $11 and $24; and the top-rung therapists earn as much as $34 per hour.

Usual course at a Massage therapist school covers anatomy, physiology and kinesiology (study of muscles.) You can learn professional standards and ethics; and prepare for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB.) Over 38 states require that massage therapist should have a formal training, take a test and obtain a license.

Massage therapist school does more than training a person to relieve stress, heal painful ailments and provide beauty therapy; it helps the massage therapist to tide over certain difficulties.  There is no work without risk and massage therapy is not an exception. Long hours of standing, repeated movements can wear down the healer herself. Only a certified massage therapist school can teach the scientific skills of massaging and ways to avoid exhaustion.

A massage therapist school is accredited by the state board or an independent agency; websites that feature various massage training schools can direct you to the right school nearest to you. You get free counseling and know the facilities available at each massage therapist school.

In addition to a flexible, part or full-time career, the therapist has an extra perk: job satisfaction of helping people. That is the essence of a Massage therapist school.

Massage Therapy for Well Being

Massage therapy today has gained a lot of popularity. It is no longer considered to be a luxury but rather it has been found to be extremely beneficial for health and well-being. It is a form of art which has been practiced and developed for over thousands of years by the Asian cultures.

Massage Schools Arizona

Massage Schools Arizona

It is done for the physical needs and it caters to the emotional state too by increasing awareness and providing relaxation all the while relieving anxiety from the day to day tensions of life.

Massage therapy provides a whole host of health benefits some of which are listed below:

• Massage can help relieve tension in the nerves by either stimulating them or by relaxing them depending on the individual.

• Massage therapy improves blood circulation allowing an easier flow of nutrients and oxygen to the suffering organs encouraging faster recovery which also reduces swelling.

• Massage can help open up the pores on the skin thus helping in the removal of harmful toxins.

• Massage therapy can help loosen up the muscles and stimulate them. It helps ease muscular pain by ridding the muscles of lactic acid which accumulates during exertion.

• Massage therapy can help the digestive system allowing it to function with greater efficiency and remove waste properly.

You too can become a massage therapist and help people with this incredible form of medication. You must first become a certified professional from any   massage therapy school. Some of the massage schools Arizona are also know to provide quality education and training.

A Career as a Massage Therapist

Today the scope and field of massage therapy is reaching out to a wide audience. It is no longer treated as a service of luxury but rather as a means of maintaining well-being and stress free lifestyle. If you want to help people and make them feel better then becoming a massage therapist can be the best option for you.

By following this career you will not only help yourself but will also help in making this world a better place by utilizing this wonderful art of massage therapy. Throughout the ancient times massage therapy has been used to treat various ailments and in the treatment of injuries as well. A lot of time, training and money is required in order to become a professional massage therapist but in the end it all does pay off.

massage therapy training

massage therapy training

In your journey to become a massage therapist choosing an appropriate massage school becomes highly important. The various things that you must keep in mind before choosing any massage school are as given below:

•A variety of massage techniques exist from which you must choose the one in which you wish to specialize in. Some massage schools may provide training in a range of these techniques while some may be highly specialized.

• You have to do some research on the existing massage schools in your area. Try to find the one which best suits your interests. After locating the schools of your interest you might want to obtain the information about the school in the form of catalogues which can give you an idea about the programs, cost, details and requirements of the school.

• Be sure that you visit the massage schools yourself. Take a tour of the entire school and take note of the conditions and learning environment in the school. Have a conversation with the admissions staff and clear all your doubts and queries.

• The cost of the program which you will be attending is a very important factor. It will greatly depend on the type of program and your personal goals and also the school which you will be attending. You should also research for education loans which are available at low interest.

• You can also find out more about the massage school by connecting and talking with the alumni. Their feedback can help you determine whether the school is supportive and provides proper assistance in job placement or not.

You will be investing your time and money for this training hence you must gain as much information as you can before enrolling yourself in any program. Massage therapy training will help you to help others. After proper guidance and training you too can help others attain a physical and mental well-being.

Sports Massage Therapy

It is common now to see that massage therapy is applied in a large number of applications outside medical field as well. Various illnesses and ailments are being cured by applying massage therapy by medical experts and doctors alike. The field of sports is also being touched by this effective therapy becoming an integral part in college training rooms, medicine clinics and also at the international level for sports. Massage schools also offer education in this field.

Athletes are now becoming aware of the fact that a workout is not complete without a good session of sports massage as it is often linked with an increase in performance and recovery. The psychological effect of such a massage cannot be underestimated apart from its physical effect on the body. This type of massage is best for treating small wear and tear. For someone involved in almost any kind of physical activity such as football, tennis, basketball, bodybuilding, swimming etc. this kind of massage therapy is an absolute must.

Such sports massage can help a sportsperson reach his goals and the wanted shape with little pain and tautness in the muscles. It helps relax the muscles and recover faster after being drained from heavy workouts thus enabling the person to recuperate early and get ready to train hard again. The specialization in this field is on a steady rise with the increase in its popularity and demand.

If you wish to become a sports massage therapist then it is important that you attain the required training and specialization from any of the massage school  which offer this training.


Massage Therapy For A Sound Body

The human being is a sensual animal which responds well to human contact or massage. Some of the numerous health benefits of such massage therapy are as given below:

•    It helps lower blood pressure
•    It improves blood circulation allowing more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered to the affected areas which have faced overexertion or injuries.
•    It gives a sense of well-being and releases stress.
•    It helps detoxify the body by forcing all the toxic waste from the lymphatic system.
•    Helps the body to release its natural endorphins which help in pain control.
•    Relaxes the muscles aiding in muscle spasms and reduces cramps.
•    Helps atrophied muscles by providing an increase in exercise stretching.

New research has shown that an increase in natural killer cell activity and white blood cells is reported due to the cellular changes in the immune system due to such treatments.

Massage therapy has been pivotal in treating many of today’s various diseases arising due to the increasing stress and anxiety in daily life. Those who wish to provide such services can always enroll in a good  massage therapy school and become certified massage therapists.